World Water Day

World Water Day is on March 22 so at Endaze we celebrated Water Awareness Week and to honour it we held a sponsored ‘fun run’ at the school. Both students and staff ran to raise funds for the UNICEF “Let’s run for Niger, Droplets of Help” campaign.

Sponsors included family members, friends and neighbours. All proceeds will be sent to UNICEF to support their numerous water projects across the world. All runners carefully carried a water balloon as they raced around the track. They protected these water balloons which were a symbol of the importance of water conservation in this global age. All of the water balloons that met the finish line were then used to water the ‘fun run’ tree planted in front of the school.

After running the track everyone received a medal including our amazing members of staff runners.

The biggest prize of all went to UNICEF with a collection of 1,380 euros. Good job team Endaze!


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