The Pre-Nursery (1-3 year olds)


Endaze British International School is to inform you that we are delighted to open a Pre-Nursery class that will be opening from January 2021.


General information

Our main aim in our Pre-Nursery group is to provide a safe and loving environment where the children can freely explore and express their own interests.

We combine a balance of child-led play with adult-initiated learning, specifically designed to develop your child’s creativity, caring for others and social skills, as they establish their own identity. We incorporate a range of activities, role play and social development skills that are specifically designed to encourage independence, collaboration and a greater understanding of their surroundings and others around them.

  • The Pre-Nursery class will be for children from 1 to 3 years old. The child must be 1 year old when they join the class.
  • The teachers in this class will be English native speakers.
  • The time table will be the same as Primary School, starting at 08:45 and finishing at 15:45.
  • We will have adapted areas, resources and playground in the Early Years setting.
  • The menu will be adapted to their age and based on the general school menu.
  • All Covid-19 measures will be in place following the established protocol.


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