Our COVID-19 Measures



Following a long summer, it is now time to go back to school. After hard days of work, Endaze has prepared to welcome this new school year with the following protective measures against the Covid19.

To insure these safety measures this academic year will need your cooperation. We will ask that you explain to your children about the importance of these hygiene and safety measures so that Endaze can become a secure place where your children will learn and enjoy as always.

Some of the measures that we are using to stop Civod19 are:


There are two entrances, one for the little ones up to Year 4 and the other Year 5 and up. Additionally, the entrance is regulated by classes to avoid crowding. Each and every student has their temperature taken, teachers and all staff members with a temperature below 37.2 degrees celsius.


All students and teachers wear masks, with the exception of all those under the age of 6 years old. A social distance of 1.5 metres must be respected by teachers and by students, except for those students under 6 years of age.


Reduce the amount of people passing in common areas as much as possible. Signs are put up as reminders for social distancing and the floors are marked indicating the direction that must be taken to avoid possible contact.
Doors are opened and stay open during the day to avoid students and teachers from touching door handles. On the same note, ventilation is important so classroom doors stay open all day long. When the weather does not permit continuous ventilation, there will be regular ventilation before and after the indicated activities or classes.


Lunchtime has been divided into turns to ensure that each group is separated from the following lunchtime group. Students maintain a distance of 1,5 metres between themselves, except for those younger students.
The tables are disinfected between lunchtime groups.


Students must wear their masks during their break time and they are separated by classes to guarantee minimum contact. There is always a teacher on duty to make sure that measures are put in place.

The school busses are disinfected daily. They are cleaned before and after each service. Temperatures are taken before the students get on the bus and there is hygienic gel available for use.
Passengers are separated from each other, except for brothers and sisters who are encouraged to sit together.


The cleaning staff must complete two general cleanings a day. In addition, during the day they disinfectant clean high contact objects such as door handles, bathrooms and dining hall.


● Students are reminded to wash their hands, always when possible with soap and water as well as with the hygienic gel. This hygiene protocol happens when they enter school, entering their classes and when they exit their classes, before and after eating, after break time and before and after using the bathroom. etc.

● Also a special importance is made on the correct usage of the mask, covering the nose, mouth and chin. Trying to not touch the mask and carrying an extra mask in their bag.

● In the case of coughing or sneezing, the tissue is recommended and if not possible in the forearm.

● Each student must bring their own water bottle and materials, such as pens, pencils, rubbers that should not be shared.

● Disinfection of desks, computers, keyboards and mouses with hygienic wipes.

● If a child does not feel well, they should not come to school. In the case they do not feel well in school, the teacher should be told immediately. The protocol for action is based on what has been established by the Ministerio y la Consejería de Sanidad de Madrid, being modified accordingly and revised every week.

We would like to transmit tranquility from our Endaze team, who are looking forward to this start of this new school year. We will put all our effort so that the Endaze family will enjoy this academic year as much as previous years.


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