February 2016. On Friday, February 26, we held International Day at the school and the pupils had a chance to be world travellers. All of the students had the opportunity to find out about different countries from around the world. The children climbed aboard an imaginary airplane accompanied by their pilot and flight attendants and their passports to ‘travel’ to different countries such as India, Finland, Mexico, New Zealand, Italy, France and China. At each of their destinations they had the chance to deeply explore these wonderful countries touching all the continents. The students took part in various creative activities, listened to traditional music and learned about local customs and food.  They all had a wonderful time globetrotting and came back with many memories and souvenirs including pasta art from Italy, the haka dance from New Zealand and decorated ginger cookies from Finland. It was a special day to gather knowledge about all their exotic destinations, as well as experiencing jet-lag!


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