The Endaze team are delighted with this year’s IGCSE results, not only are they significantly better than the previous year but more importantly each student has at least reached and in many cases gone beyond their potential. We are all incredibly proud of them.








The performance of every student has excelled due to the careful lesson planning of their teachers and the personalised classes that they are able to deliver at Endaze. The teaching staff at Endaze are supported by valuable CPD training, a unique ethos of teamwork and the strong belief that every child matters. This along with supportive parents, a happy and safe learning environment and continual reflection contributes to a recipe for success.

“Following on from an outstanding first year of IGCSE results at Endaze – in which our students achieved a 100% pass rate in English First Language – it is heartening to see the efforts of our students rewarded in an outstanding set of results for the 2019-2020 academic year.” Niall Day-Sawyer, Head of English

“Our results this year highlight the dedication and work ethic our students have displayed. They are even more outstanding in light of the difficulties and unforeseen circumstances we have faced. I am so proud that our students have persevered and applied themselves so fully to their studies. They deserve only the best, and I offer my biggest congratulations to their cohort.” Marisha Mahon, Head of Science


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