Endaze British International School has closed a collaboration agreement with Unicef, becoming “Escuela Amiga de Unicef”. This recognition implies that the school is committed on a regular basis with the Rights of Children as part of the education they give to the students and mobilizes to achieve economic resources for programs of cooperation of UNICEF.

Supporting the World Water Day on March 22, we will be celebrating Water Awareness Week and holding a sponsored run around the school premises on Friday March 18. This is a collaboration with UNICEFS’ “Let’s run for Niger, Droplets of Help” campaign. The objective of the run is for the children to ask for sponsorship money from family members, friends and/or neighbours in order to take part in the run.

Any donation is welcome and all money will be going to UNICEF to support their numerous water projects across the world. The children will be running around a supervised lap at the school. They will also be carrying a balloon filled with water and their job is to protect it while running, highlighting the importance of water before returning it to safety.

The different year groups will be completing different amounts of laps. It promises to be a fantastic fun day and we hope that the children and staff can raise a lot of money for a very worthy cause. There will be a small reward for those who complete the most laps!


"Endaze has joined Thames British School. For further information, please visit our new website         

at www.thamesbritishschool.es"

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