Registration Period

Endaze British International School is an international school and as such is open for admissions the whole year round. We are delighted to meet with parents and show them around the school.

Visit the school

We invite you to come and visit Endaze British International School. This can be done by submitting the VISIT THE SCHOOL form  to arrange a convenient date and time, calling the admissions office +34 915 790 147 or at +34 662 085 111 or  sending an email to

Our phones are attended from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

Entry Requirements

For Nursery, Reception and Year 1, children are not required to have any prior knowledge of English. We will just invite your child to come visit the school and have a short talk with the school psychologist. 

For Year 2 and Year 3, we will invite your child into school for an interview and a brief assessment in English.

From Year 4 onwards children will have to take a written English and Maths test and they will also have a personal interview. We will also request a copy of their last 2 years school reports from their previous schools and a letter of recommendation from their teacher.

Complete an Application Form

You can download the Application Form and send it to the Admissions Department,

Please, fill one form per child.


Download the Student Enrolment Document


Send it to

Admissions Contact Information


Telephone: +34 915 790 147


    "Endaze joins Thames British School. For more information sign up       

for our Open Day on Saturday, April 10."

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