Specialists Support


Ms. Rocío


Ms. Ana


In Endaze we have two key specialists within our school team,  to support students, parents and teachers. We have an infirmary and an International School Nurse to ensure first aid cover throughout the school day, as well as a Psychologist who provides support for students and helps develop the students’ self-esteem, confidence, responsibility, organisation and study skills.


Ms. Rocío is our full-time Nurse and she ensures first aid cover throughout the school day. She also monitors special nutritional needs and diets for each student regarding allergies, intolerances, etc and coordinates the daily menus with the kitchen staff. Medical information about all pupils is kept in a secure database and is regularly updated. We respect confidentiality and health information is only shared when it is necessary for the safety of the pupil.


Ms. Ana is the school´s Psychologist. She monitors students throughout their school life and is in direct contact with teachers and parents. She makes individual follow-up of the academic, social and emotional development of each student and also offers family orientation if needed.


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