Letter from the School

We are walking confidently to the future

A child’s schooldays only come around once so we know that parents and guardians are placing a great deal of trust in us. There are few things that are likely to have more impact on a young person’s future than the quality of the school they attend.

We want to help make these years as happy, enjoyable, stimulating and successful as they can be for all of our students. In particular, we hope that when children have passed through our school they will have:

  • Fulfilled their academic potential.
  • Had many varied and exciting opportunities to discover their interests and skills.
  • Become independent/responsible and kind-hearted young people.
  • Developed life skills that will help them succeed in later education and beyond.

Each child is important to us so we have an inclusive approach that supports all of our students.

We believe that learning goes hand in hand with happiness and motivation.  As a result you will discover that our school is a vibrant and busy place where you are never quite sure what is around the next corner. It may be that the classroom has been transformed into an a moonscape complete with shuttle and moon buggy, perhaps the children are enjoying making a meal from home-grown vegetables or you may stumble across children at Base Camp on Mount Everest.

We provide a warm welcome and on-going support for all of our families and do all that we can to ensure that new students settle in well to school life, building friendships and recognising from their first day, that they are valued members of our school.

We hope when you visit our website, that you will gain a sense of the value that we place in each child and our desire to ensure standards, in all areas, remain consistently high within the caring and happy community which is Endaze British International School.

Alex Martinez

Alex Martínez
Head of Primary


Ms. Gabbitas

Lea Gabbitas
Head of Secondary


"Endaze has joined Thames British School. For further information, please visit our new website         

at www.thamesbritishschool.es"

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