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Golden prizes en Endaze

A set of golden rules has been developed by the teaching staff, in the form of expectations and are worded positively to remind everyone what is expected from them:

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Honesty
  • Attitude
  • Compassion

Primary School Rewards

In Primary school we use “the Golden Ticket system” to promote good behaviour. This system is used as a whole school incentive and students can earn golden tickets for behaviour that shows an awareness of the school expectations. When a child receives a Golden Ticket they write their names on it and it goes into the class Golden Box. Every week a child´s name is picked from the box and gets a diploma to take home. Over time, all classes work towards filling the school golden chest and when the chest is full the whole of the Early Years and Primary school earn a half day of activities and a special lunch to celebrate everyone´s participation (Golden Day Party). This day recognizes the children´s efforts in trying to carry out the school´s five standards and rewards them for doing so.

Additionally, each class has its own class rules, which are agreed at the beginning of each academic year by the class and their teacher. Teachers have different ways of doing this according to the age of the children: coloured stickers, star of the day/week, certificates, collecting marbles in a jar, verbal praise, special privileges or responsibilities within the classroom, Friday assemblies are used to spotlight good behaviour.


Secondary School Rewards

In Secondary School, there are 2 main reward system:

Individual Reward System. Positives are awarded by teachers for their excellent effort, progress, behaviour, organisation or for acts of kindness, respect and responsibility. If a student receives 3 positives in 1 week, a congratulatory email will be sent home by their tutor. On receiving 3 emails they will be rewarded with a bronze certificate, if a student receives 6 emails they will receive a silver certificate and if they receive 9 emails they will get a gold certificate. Certificates earned by pupils during a school year will be recorded on their reports, which are sent out to parents.

Group Reward System is tracked in a Day Diary. Each week tutor groups work as a team to collect points for excellent class participation and behaviour. The winning class for each half term is awarded a non-uniform day and the overall winner for the year wins a trip out.

Rewards chart

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