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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Endaze British International School a 100% British School?

EBIS is an official British School that follows the Cambridge British Curriculum. All classes are taught in English except for Spanish and German.

What is the level of English required for a child to obtain a place in the school?

For children between 3 and 5 years old, previous knowledge of English is not required. From Year 2 onwards, we test the level of English (oral and written) prior to the child´s acceptance in the school to make sure that the child will be comfortable in the class. In Secondary School students have to take an English and a Maths tests. Children learn languages very quickly and joining at an early age is clearly an advantage.

Do you study any other languages in school?

Yes, as part of the curriculum, we offer Spanish from Year 1 to Year 6 (4 hours a week) and from Year 7 onwards (6 hours a week of Lengua and Ciencias Sociales) and German from Year 2 onwards (2 hours a week).

Are all your teachers native speakers?

Yes, they are all native English speaker teachers, qualified and experienced with the British Curriculum.

Does the school have children from other nationalities?

Yes, in Endaze we offer an international environment, welcoming students from all nationalities. We currently have 21% of the students coming from other countries and 24 different nationalities.

What are the age range you actually have in your school?

We currently offer from Nursery up to Year 11. In September 2019, we will be opening Year 12 and in 2020 we will open Years 13, always following the British Curriculum.

What is the school schedule?

In Early Years and Primary School classes start at 8:45h and finish at 15:45h and in Secondary School they start at 8:35h and finish at 15:55h.

Does the school offer after school activities?

Yes, we believe that there are social, physical and psychological advantages for children who participate in after-school activities. At Endaze British International School we offer some extracurricular activities that are for free, which are delivered by our native English speaking teachers and others that are provided by external professionals for an additional cost.

We like to offer a variety of activities to children in order that they can try different things and further develop their skills and knowledge.

The activities that we currently offer to our students are: football, skating, motor skills, art, judo, ballet, volleyball, games club, sing out, table tennis, chess, drama, arts&crafts, homework club, maths club and computer club.

Are meals cooked at school?

Yes, all meals are freshly cooked in the school. We provide a healthy and balanced diet in accordance with the Spanish Educational requirements. Our nurse monitors special nutritional needs and diets for each student. There is a vegetarian option available at all times and children with special dietary needs are carefully catered for.

The children are also provided with a snack in the morning and after school for those children staying for after school care. The snack consists of items such as fruit, yoghurt, sandwiches and fruit juice.

Is there a school bus service?

Yes. The school provides a bus service which collects children at the beginning of the day and drops them off after the extracurricular activities are completed at 5 p.m. You can get more details from the school reception.

Does the school offer English language support for children who need it?

Yes, we have English support teachers (EAL department) to help students to improve their level of their written and oral English.

Would my child be able to access universities in Spain as well as in England and other countries?

Yes. The Cambridge Curriculum enables students access to universities in Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries, with the Cambridge International A Level exams that are taken the last year in school.

Students who wish to go to Spanish Universities have direct access and don´t have to do Selectividad. With the British A Level qualifications, students obtain the Calificación de Acceso a la Universidad (CAU) automatically. They can also enter the Fase Voluntaria exams in order to improve their grade point average by up to 4 points.


Are there any activities for parents at the school?

Yes. We believe in building a community where parents and staff collaborate to offer the best opportunities for our students. For this reason, we have an activity with families and staff every term. We begin every year with a family barbecue, last spring we had a Family Fun Run and then a Summer Fair to wrap up the end of the year where we supported several charities.

What are the Key Stages (KS) and how do they compare to Spanish stages?

British curriculumSpanish Curriculum
School year (edad)Key stage (section)Curso académico
Nursery (3-4)Foundation (Early years)1º curso Infantil
Reception (4-5)2º curso Infantil
Year 1 (5-6)KS1 (Primary)3 curso Infantil
Year 2 (6-7)1º curso Primaria
Year 3 (7-8)2º curso Primaria
Year 4 (8-9)KS2 (Primary)3º curso Primaria
Year 5 (9-10)4º curso Primaria
Year 6 (10-11)5º curso Primaria
Year 7 (11-12)KS36º curso Primaria
Year 8 (12-13)1º curso E.S.O.
Year 9 (13-14)2º curso E.S.O.
Year 10 (14-15)KS43º curso E.S.O.
Year 11 (15-16)4º curso E.S.O.
Year 12 (16-17) KS51º Bachillerato
Year 13 (17-18)2º Bachillerato

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